DWP & ATOS complicit in organised crime

The DWP & ATOS policy on no recording and ATOS policy of no advocate allowed without permission is unlawful and amounts to a number of criminal offences inc: Section 1 (1A) Harassment, Conspiracy to Commit Harassment and anyone involved is an accessory and abettor, this would include the DWP Minister and the ATOS MD. 

This would also include the requirement to provide a copy of what is private and copyright material. 

No one can be required to cooperate with any process that involves a policy that breaches criminal law. 

In addition the acts would also amount to harm and can give rise to claims for damages in Tort. 

The Protection from Harassment Act 1997 
Section 1(1A) was inserted by section 125(2)(a) of the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005. It prohibits a person from pursuing a course of conduct “which involves harassment of two or more persons” with the intention of persuading any person (not necessarily one of the persons harassed) to do or refrain from doing something they are lawfully entitled to do or not do.

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