Child taken from womb by social services is tip of massive iceberg

The case of the Child taken from womb by Essex social services is the tip of a massive iceberg that civil liberties groups like Liberty have been ignoring for years and yes hundreds of parents in the UK have tried telling them.

As evidence as Chairman of the Advocacy Fund I started a research programme to gain evidence and the 1st press release on this was made on the 27th Nov 2013, 3 days before the womb snatch became public.

The research shows 6,500 children from 115 counties were taken by Local Authorities in England and Wales over a five year period and only a smattering of Local Authorities abide by their obligations in international law to inform consulates under the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations 1963 which the UK is a signatory too.

The worst offender was London Borough of Croydon who took 1,118 children alone.

London Borough of Croydon have no written policy and do not inform Embassies as a matter of course. They have taken 1118 Children of Foreign Nationals into care from AF, AL, DZ, AO, BD, BI, TD, CN, CG, CI, EG, ER, ET, GM, GE, GH, GN, IN, IR, IQ, KE, KW, LY, MY, ML, MR, MN, MA, NE, KP, PK, RU, SL, SO, LK, SD, TR, UG, UA, VN, CI, Africa, Asia, Europe, Palestine Territories and Syria.

The report, with information from the files of the 170 plus Care Local Authorities in England and Wales shows that:
  • Over a five year period, more 6,500 Non UK Foreign National Children from 115 countries, were directed to be removed from parents and taken into care in closed evidence proceedings. Many were forcibly removed at birth.
  • Some were ‘forcibly adopted.’ (Forced adoption is a term used for removing children and ‘freeing’for irreversible adoption orders in closed evidence
  •  proceedings which are contested by theparents. Legal obligations to consider paternal or kinship care, or ‘open’ adoptions, are flouted.
  • Some Local Authorities detail taking over 1,000 children each.
  • In many cases, it is not known what has hapened to these children.
  • It is rare for the authorities to inform Consulates. There may be can be 30 or more state employees involved in any one case and barely any act in accordance with the State’s Obligations.
  • In at least one case where the respective Consulate was informed, the child was repatriated with its own parents.
  • OFSTED regulators measure and reward care performance, but not compliance with law.
  • MPs, Local Authority Members and Police Commissioners do not have access to files to ensurecompliance or account for what may be criminal acts. It is a criminal offence to reveal case details.
  • Police refuse to investigate wrongdoing within the UK family court system.

Shami Chakrabarti, director of human rights organisation Liberty, described the case as “the stuff of nightmares”.

She said: “Please God there’s more to this, but at first blush this is dystopian science-fiction unworthy of a democracy like ours. Forced surgery and separation of mother and infant is the stuff of nightmares that those responsible will struggle to defend in courts of law and decency.

But despite decades of 10s of thousands of families suffering in the secret family courts and 100’s of families contacting Liberty they have until now not said one word.

Local Authority Children’s Care has zero effective local accountability and the courts run as a secret cabal of Social Workers and Lawyers.

The family division should be abolished for crimes against humanity.

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